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Recently purchased the organic 6-in-one lotion.

My dog has a skin condition which causes scabbing and splitting. This ointment did what 3 weeks of antibiotics, allergy tests and blood cultures couldn’t do.

The wounds are closing and healing wonderfully.

Thank you for this great product.

Payal Tandan

I used their neem oil on my indie dogs this year and we have been entirely tick / flea free! And that's a great relief because other medicines come with so many warnings about their toxicity, while neem oil is harmless. I am usually sceptical of all Ayurveda and homeopathic stuff but when neem oil worked, I also got their (organic 6-in-one) lotion for small cuts, wounds, mange and fungal infections....I am truly thankful to have such nice harmless and effective products available for dogs here!

Gargi Singh

The organic 6-in-one lotion is fantastic.

My street boy who was suffering badly from a skin infection is well on his way to recovery thanks to this.

No meds nothing.

Just applying this all over his infected skin. It’s awesome.

Plus no side effects and Joy the dog loves it. :)

Laxmi Nayak

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