Benefits of Cypermethrin in Dogs

What is Cypermethrin?

Cypermethrin is a pesticide, an antiparasitic used by veterinarians against any attack by external parasites. Examples of these external parasites include lice, fleas, ticks, etc. Cypermethrin can also be used against all household and agricultural pests. Like all synthetic pyrethroids, Cypermethrin is also used only as a topical application as concentrates for spraying or dipping or in products such as dressings. It is also used in pet shampoos, soaps, and sprays. Cypermethrin acts by contact and is only effective against external parasites making it completely ineffective against internal parasites.  

Cypermethrin, like other synthetic pyrethroids, affects the membrane of nerve cells and disrupts the transmission of nervous impulses and can cause paralysis or death to the pests. 

Cypermethrin for dogs

Cypermethrin can be used on dogs to remove ticks, fleas, and other such parasites. It cannot be used if your dog is suffering from skin lesions as Cypermethrin can get absorbed into the body through the damaged skin. However, as a topical application in shampoos and powders, Cypermethrin has been found very effective in dogs. Cypermethrin in spot-ons tends to be of a higher concentration than in shampoos. Therefore, it is essential to follow the vet's instructions on dosage and use. Shampoos with Cypermethrin are also to be used after consultation with the vet. However, such shampoos are not found to be toxic unless ingested or inhaled. Ingested Cypermethrin will get rejected by your dog and result in vomiting it out. The product is also highly diluted and leading to minimal impact if ingested. 

Cypermethrin for dog ticks

Ticks are parasites, and they attach themselves to the skin of the dog. They feed on the blood and, in some cases, even cause anaemia. Ticks can transmit bacterial and viral infections and if ignored, can affect the immune system and nervous system of the dog. These ticks need to be removed as soon as they appear and are highly visible with their hard-backed shields. 

How to get rid of dog ticks?

There are a few treatments that can be followed after consultation with the vet. 

  • Spot-on treatment - effective against ticks and fleas
  • Oral medications - Pills once a month to kill ticks and fleas
  • Shampoos - containing Cypermethrin and therefore, medicated to kill ticks; and needs to be repeated every two weeks
  • Tick dips - Cypermethrin can be diluted in water and poured on to the dog's back. But, rinsing them off after the dipping will not serve the purpose; therefore, it is doubly important to make sure the dips are not too strong.
  • Tick collars to repel ticks and can be used as an additional measure to protect the head and neck area from ticks. The collar containing the medication, including Cypermethrin, must be kept in direct contact with the skin. 
  • Tick powder and Tick spray are also useful topical applications to kill and repel ticks and fleas from your dog. 

There are many products that have Cypermethrin and can be used to remove dog ticks. The advantage of using these products is that they are also effective on fleas, lice, and biting flies. The dosage or frequency of application must be determined by the vet. Most of the products containing Cypermethrin are applicable to all dog breeds and sizes. 

Benefits of Cypermethrin in dogs

Cypermethrin is used in almost all products that we use on dogs to keep ticks and fleas away. While Cypermethrin is commonly used in gardens and inside homes to remove ants, cockroaches, scorpions etc., it is also one of the active ingredients in tick or flea shampoos and powders. Its benefits include killing the external parasites that plague your dog in the form of fleas, ticks, biting flies, and lice. 

Cypermethrin shampoos for dogs

Shampoos containing Cypermethrin are most effective on dogs with ticks and fleas. What's more, they work on biting flies and lice, too. If you are looking for the best way to keep external parasites away from your pet, try VOSD's ‘Ticks and Fleas with Cypermethrin'. It is one such shampoo that removes 98% with just the first use, and the rest when repeated for the second time. Using the shampoo on the vet's instructions as to the frequency can ensure that your dog does not get tick fever or flea allergies, leading to related diseases. 

Ticks and Fleas Shampoo is made with high-quality ingredients, making it safe for using on your dog repeatedly. This shampoo also has elements to ensure that the fur and coat are lustrous after use, making it as user-friendly on long-haired dog breeds.  

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