Limo for Dogs


What is 'Limo for Dogs' ?

If you have a dog, you already know how difficult it can be to find good, trusted and reliable transportation for your dog. Can you even count how many taxi and auto rickshaws have turned you down, simply because you are with a dog? Travel - local or within India, with your dog shouldn't be so difficult, so that's why we bring to you - Limo for Dogs! 

Limo for Dogs by VOSD is a dedicated taxi service for you and your dog. When you book with us, a Honda CRV arrives at your doorstep - complete with a trained driver and clean, beautiful interiors. The car always runs with an AC so that you and your dog are always comfortable.

At VOSD, we are all dog lovers. Our services therefore, are all designed by dog lovers and for dog lovers. So, you can count on us for the best experience for you and your dog!

Terms and Conditions


  1. Your Limo Ride
    1. This is a Honda CRV with a trained driver and impeccable leather upholstery. 
    2. The ride is strictly for your dog to be accompanied by you. Unaccompanied dogs are not allowed in the Limo. 
    3. The vehicle strictly runs with the AC with the glasses up no matter at what time of the year it is. Please do not haggle with the driver on price and/or lowering the windows. 
  2. Travel within Bangalore
    1. Full fare for the Limo for Dogs is ₹ 1999 for those pre registering at no cost the price of the ride will be ₹1499* for 4 hrs/ 40km for the city of Bangalore from the point of start of the ride.  Each extra hour will be the equivalent of 10km. Each extra hour is charged at ₹ 300 and each extra km at ₹ 30/km. 
    2. *The fare may change on the use of promo codes available with a customer while booking
    3. Extra Hours/ Km’s will be applicable immediately on the completion of your package and will be charged at the end of your ride. 
  3. Outstation Travel: 
    1. Each day of travel will be 24hrs/ 250km from the pickup point in Bangalore and return to that point and will be charged at ₹ 7,999 including fuel, drivers daily allowance and meals. 
    2. Each km at the end of the trip will be charged at ₹ 30 and each hour at the rate of ₹ 300/hr. 
  4. Booking the Limo
    1. You need to call 1-800-****** or go to to book the Limo service 12 hrs in advance of your ride. 
    2. You will receive a call confirming or denying your booking depending on the availability of a Limo. If the booking is confirmed you are required to complete the booking online using a credit card or on WhatsApp using GPay. You will receive a message confirming your ride. 
    3. This payment will be for the full fare of the ride and a caution money amount. 
    4. If you exceed the time and/ or distance you booked for you can pay by GPay or Debit/Credit card at the end of the ride. Please refrain from paying cash to the driver. 
  5. Calculation of charges, where each 1 hour is 10km
    1. Example 1: you booked for 4hr / 40km with  ₹ 30/km and ₹ 300/hr thereafter and used the Limo for 5hrs and 45km you will be charged for 4hrs + 1 extra hour (which came with 10km but you used only 5km) =  ₹ 1499 +  ₹300 (for 1hr) =  ₹1799
    2. Example 2:  you booked for 4hr / 40km with ₹ 30/km  and ₹ 300/hr thereafter and used the Limo for 5hrs and 75km you will be charged for 4hrs + 1 extra hour (which came with 10km but you used 25km) =  ₹ 1499 +  ₹300 (for 1hr) + ₹30*25 =  ₹2549
  6. Cancellation
    1. Prior to 48 hours from rental time 0%
    2. Within 4 - 12 hours from rental time 50%
    3. Within 0 - 4 hours from rental time 100%
  7. Cleanliness & caution money: The Limo comes to you with leather upholstery and absolutely clean with no wear & tear. 
    1. The Limo is made specifically for dogs to be accompanied by the customer however the customer is responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicle interior if soiled by your dog. 
    2. If your dog urinates or defecates in the Limo you will forfeit the caution money deposit of  ₹ 1000 charged for the ride. VOSD will be the final judge of any such incident. 
    3. If your dog damages or tears the upholstery you will be responsible for the full cost of repairing/ cleaning of the interior of the vehicle.
  8. Replacement Car: In case where the Limo develops a mechanical error and restrains the customer from its use a replacement vehicle shall be provided within city limits. If a vehicle can’t be made available the full ride price, minus any caution money deductions, will be made using GPay or to your bank account. If the Limo develops such an error outside the city limit, a replacement Vehicle will not be provided and an amount equivalent to the agreed rental will be charged. Company decisions related to replacement vehicles will be final.
  9. What is included in your Limo ride:
    1. Driver and driver daily charges. Please note this is a trained driver and not a dog handler and no unaccompanied dogs are allowed in the Limo. 
    2. Fuel and usual wear and tear
  10. What is not included in your Limo ride
    1. Parking & Tolls: Parking and toll charges to be borne by the customer. 
    2. Damage to interiors caused by dogs. 
  11. Limitation of liability
    1. VOSD will not be liable for you or your dogs in any form or manner. 
    2. VOSD’s entire liability, and the customers exclusive remedy, in law, or otherwise, is solely limited to the amount paid by the customer, less any deductions on damages to the car’s interior. 
  12. Arbitration will be in the courts of Bangalore.