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Ticks & Flea Lotion with Fipronil™
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Ticks & Flea Lotion with Fipronil™


  • Cruelty Free: The product is manufactured without indulging in animal testing and it is cruelty free.
  • Effective Usage: The product is effective in just one or two uses and kills almost 99% of the fleas and ticks. It also offers a very deep clean for your dogs.
  • Sustainable: The product packaging is reusable and eco friendly.
  • High Quality Ingredients: High quality Fipronil solution is used that guarantees quick and lasting results.
  • Safe for Usage: The lotion has very low toxicity but offers high levels of safety. While usage, ensure that your dog doesn't lick it dry.
  • Great Hair: This anti flea and tick medicine for dogs also ensures that your dog has great hair while dealing with infestations.
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    Overview - Ticks and Flea Lotion with Fipronil™

    VOSD Dog Care™ Fipronil™ based lotion is more effective than Freedom® or other Fipronil™ based sprays as the best flea and tick medicine for dogs. VOSD Dog Care™ Fipronil™ based lotion kills 97-99% of all ticks and fleas even when there is a very heavy infestation on the first use and nearly 100% on second use. The product is made from the purest highest quality ingredients to allow safe repeated use to keep your dog tick and flea-free. Added ingredients ensure a lustrous after-use hair feel and allows easier grooming for medium and long-haired dogs. 


    • Product innovation: For the 1st time in India a powerful tick and flea treatment comes as a lotion that allows you to massage the lotion throughout the skin and yet focus on the most vulnerable parts of the dog.
    • VOSD Tip: Did you know the maximum likelihood of ticks is just above the tail, along the spine, behind and in the ears and on the shoulder blades? Since the eggs will hatch in 5+ days it is best to repeat use in a week.
    • Does your dog need it? Ticks cause tick fever that is very often deadly. If you need any medical advice or more information about VOSD Dog Care™️ products, search the VOSD Website or simply email us at . Select our effective solution to buy tick and flea medicine online today. 


    Open the bottle and remove and discard the inside stopper. To use on the dog take some of the lotion in your hands and massage against the hair grain, starting from the hips towards the head. Make sure the complete body of the dog is wet with the lotion. The product will evaporate in a minute or two. Kills 98 -100% of ticks and fleas in 24 hours. Repeat use in 1-2 weeks or any sign of ticks or fleas. Routinely check your dog for parasites by moving your palm against the grain above the tail, between the shoulder blades, and checking behind ears and between paws with your fingertips.


    Fipronil 0.25% w/v. Excipients q.s.

    Fipronil is used for the prevention and treatment of ectoparasites (ticks and fleas that live above the skin). The product has low toxicity and a high margin of safety.  It is an effective solution for dog tick and flea control. Ticks cause Tick Fever which is a fatal disease, and fleas can cause flea allergies. Keep your dog free of ticks and fleas.


    Harmful if swallowed. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated area. Do not allow the dog to lick the coat till dry. Wash hands thoroughly after use. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. 


    The product of the bottle is drain safe. Wash the bottle with warm soapy water then allow it to dry before using.  Aluminium Bottle meant for reuse. Please remove the label after use and wash the bottle in warm soapy water, inside and out. Dry and reuse as necessary. Please note PET bottles contain toxic products and should be safely discarded after use.